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Dr. Brian Formolo

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Instead of traveling to your doctor’s office, how would you like the doctor to visit you?  Childcare, car problems, pain and fear of driving all of a sudden no longer interfere with your treatments.

My name is Dr. Brian Formolo of At-Home Auto Accident Treatment LLC.  I am a chiropractor.  I believe that treating patients without drugs or surgery is important.  I believe that treating patients the way I would want to be treated is more important.  Finally, I believe that treating YOU the way YOU want to be treated is MOST important.

A typical at-home visit will be very similar to how an elite athlete is treated after a spinal or extremity injury. This would include chiropractic adjustments, electrical therapy, myofacial release, exercises and/or support tape – all within your comfort zone.  Advanced diagnostic imaging and / or a referral to a specialist can be ordered if necessary.

I am currently accepting patients who have recently been injured in auto accidents in areas of Muskego, New Berlin, West Allis, Hales Corners and Greenfield.

Okay this sounds great for me, but what about the costs?  Bills can be submitted to the medical coverage of the auto insurance policy.  There is no medical referral or attorney required. 

National Chiropractic, my brick and mortar office, is located at 5800 West National Avenue in West Allis.  I have been in practice for 17 years, primarily treating patients who have been involved in auto accidents.  I enjoy helping my patient heal from their spinal and extremity injuries.

I invite you to call me directly for a free phone consultation at (262) 682-1101.  Let’s discuss your immediate needs and how I can help you heal from your injury while receiving treatments from the comfort of your own home.

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I am dedicated to helping you feel better.

You can receive treatments in the comfort of your own home.

I enjoy helping patients heal after injuries.

I have been helping patients recover from injuries since 1996.

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